Fix and/or Upgrade Your Gear

If you’re like me your toe stops are pretty tiny once the end of the season hits. Maybe you haven’t cleaned your bearings at all (I know too many of you guilty of this). You might need a new skate boot all together! It’s scary to make some of these changes mid-season when you don’t necessarily have the time to adjust between games. I’m here to tell you now is the perfect time. If you don’t have any practices, you can still go to an open skate or even an empty parking lot to adjust to any subtle or large changes you may make.

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Rehab Your Nagging Injury

We have a tendency to ignore whatever issue is happening with our body when there are games we have to prepare for. Just put some KT Tape on it! Take some time away from working out, away from skating, and see if the problem is still there. Go see a physical therapist, a chiropractor, whatever you’ve been putting off! Get your body put back together and then start some prehab to avoid having a repeat next season.

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Reflect and Reset

What were your goals this past season? How many did you meet? Were you realistic with yourself?  Take some time to reflect on this year and what went well. All the good stuff. Then, look ahead to where you want to go this next season. Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed! Write some long term goals and break them down into smaller, bite size goals.

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Watch Roller Derby

Watch footage of yourself if you have it. Take notes. Make more goals. Then, watch the archives. Take MORE notes. Make EVEN MORE goals. Watch specific jammers or blockers, find skaters that are similar to you. Rewind, watch the same jam or moment multiple times. Watch it in slow motion. Reaaaaaaally let it sink in. Be inspired.

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Work Your Ass Off

Starting strength training in the middle of a season is scary and can lead to fatigue during practices. I’m not saying DON’T train during the season, you certainly should! But, the off season is for the bulk of your heavy training. Take the time to reflect on your weaknesses and attack them. Think of it as you are putting in the ground work setting the foundation for next season.

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Do Shit That Is Not Roller Derby!

This is a small window of time where you aren’t saying, “I can’t, I have roller derby.” to all of your loved ones. Take some time to enjoy things you don’t get much time for during the season. The world will not end if you don’t skate for a little bit. I can promise you will not completely forget how to skate. You will likely miss it (like a lot), but distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Go forth and enjoy your time off!