So, we’ve taken a look at my personal recipe for succeeding as someone who does not have talent, but is willing to work hard. I will reiterate that the way I love roller derby is all consuming. I coach, I train, I skate for our charter team, and my partner is a ref. How much more involved could I be? You probably won’t want to follow the exact same path that I did, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the tips provided!

To recap, my personal list of ingredients for success is:

  • Positivity Stop comparing yourself to others. Quit negative self talk. Keep a notebook full of compliments people have given you, and while you’re at it ACCEPT THE COMPLIMENT.
  • Goals Write them down. Then break them down into smaller, less daunting goals. Work towards them and celebrate every freaking step of the way.
  • Drive Tap into your motivation, become disciplined, and use a power word. What do you want to get out of roller derby and what are you willing to put in?
  • Cross Training Do your cardio, but also pick up some weights! Don’t just go to practice. Put in work off of the track to further improve your game on the track.

Own your journey. Remember that everyone progresses at different speeds. You will succeed at one thing while a teammate struggles, and vice versa. That’s totally normal. Also, know that this sport is CONSTANTLY changing. Your struggles, goals, and cross training will need to change with it to keep up.

When I started roller derby, I had no intention to become an athlete. I never in a million years thought I would be a consistent member of the charter team! It started out as what I thought to be an insane goal in my book. Yet, here I am. You can reach your goals too if you remain positive and work towards your goals both on and off of the track. If I, someone who couldn’t stand on their skates for longer than a few seconds at a time at my first practice, can make it this far… I have all the faith that you can too.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – Kevin Durant